Gnome in the Home 2018 - That's a wrap!

Community Manager

Happily, yesterday's idea of re-uniting MV Gnome with his gnome friends seems to have worked! Our small pink-jacketed friend was still happily ensconced at the top of the Switchmas tree this morning (read more about the Switchmas tree).




Thanks to all who helped us look for the gnome! I wanted to write up a little summary of the great Gnome Hunt of 2018:


Adoos, jdsilva, Chad, and Brecht - your gnomes will be flying your way very shortly! (Welles already received his.)


Also, major points to @Sam_Clements for his creative gnome-hiding tactics (though I'm afraid they didn't win you a gnome of your own... next year!?).


I think we may call this whole escapade #gnomeontheroam next year, inspired by @Rainer's fantastic gnome-ish Instagram feed. Stay tuned! (11.5 months or so....)


Finally — I wanted to thank everyone who hunted: @Pandian, @IHGConnectAdmin, @SergeRobert1, @Mongskee, @Ahmer_Shah, @Nyjah, @WirelessStew, @VincentPanico, @bdzent, @StefaanVDD, @Sygghy, @Jitender, @NolanHerring, @Tung_Nguyen, and @SimonSL, to name a few. There are only so many gnomes to go around, but I wish I could send you all one! Maybe we'll get a bigger gnome budget next year :-).


And now, as a wise gnome once said:


🎄 🖥 💚 🎉 Merry Switchmas to all, and to all a good night! 🎉 💚 🖥 🎄



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