Meet MV Gnome

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Today, we have a most exciting announcement — MV Gnome has joined the gnome crew here at Meraki!


MV Gnome with MX, AP, and SwitchMV Gnome with MX, AP, and Switch

(For those of you who aren't familiar with Meraki gnomes, here's a quick history lesson: we've created gnomes to celebrate each of our main hardware product lines.  Why? No idea, but they're pretty cute :-). AP Gnome (in blue) was the first, joining Meraki in 2014. Switch (yellow) and MX (purple) followed, allowing us to create an (almost) full-stack Gnome topology last year. Now, MV Gnome (pink) has joined to round out the portfolio!)


Our newest gnome friend has seemed happy, picnicking:


Gnome picnic! They seem to like the sweet treatsGnome picnic! They seem to like the sweet treats


... and even partying:


Gnomes gone wild!Gnomes gone wild!


A few of you (including @Welles, no doubt?) may have noticed that MV Gnome also got to meet @jdsilva when he visited a couple weeks ago.


jdsilva meets MV, Switch, and CarolineSjdsilva meets MV, Switch, and CarolineS


But — this seems to be the time of year when gnomes get a little restless. Remember all of Switch’s antics last year?


I’ve found MV Gnome all over the office recently:


Contemplating coffeeContemplating coffee
Situated with shuffleboardSituated with shuffleboard
Troubleshooting a teleconferenceTroubleshooting a teleconference


Could all of this restlessness mean that he's going to escape to the community soon? Time will tell! 🧙🏻‍♂️



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