Gnomes, reunited. MERRY SWITCHMAS!

Community Manager

Ya'll. It has been a long week of gnome-hunting... and it's only Wednesday! (Really!?). After @BrechtSchamp kindly found MV gnome this morning, I wasn't quite sure what to do with our small friend. He has escaped from the windowsill, the nest I made for him on the windowsill, my laptop bag, and my desk.  I even tried a cage: 




But, a cage feels like a pretty heartless place for a sweet little gnome (however mischievous he may be). What might help MV stay still and put an end to this seemingly-endless gnome hunt?


Then, I remembered how we put an end to Switch's antics last year — Gnome company!


It took a while to find the rest of the gnomes... they were on the top of our Switchmas tree! Clearly, this is where MV Gnome needs to be too. 






Doesn't he look happy up there? I have a feeling he'll stay put for approximately a year. 🙂


🎄 🖲 🖥 🎄 💚 Merry Switchmas! 💚 🎄 🖥 🖲 🎄