Wifi MR33 and Mobile devices


Wifi MR33 and Mobile devices

Hey All,


I have an MR33 for about 2 months at my house. Using at PoE MS220 8p. Cable tests correct. I have 5 Echos, 4 iPhones, Fire TV, Apple TV 4. 


Last Saturday they all stopped working on WiFi. No DHCP, no network connectivity, I can not even use static IP Address. Desktop and Laptops work fine with no issues. 


Talked witb Support and after 3 calls and packet captures and event logs showing not crazy. We RMA’d the MR33. Still not working. I have created a new network and move the AP to it and downgraded the firmware and upgraded it, neither works. All stock settings on the config. Even no encryption! Still nothing. 


It works on other customers with Merakis with no issues. I am so tired of dealing with it. My Ubiquiti AC Pro works fine. I have even plugged the MR into the switch directly with a 5’ cable. 


Anyone else having issue with MRs and mobile devices. 



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Desktop and Laptops work fine on the mr33 Wi-Fi?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you look at "Organization/Change Log" does it show any change right before it stopped working?



Does plugging directly into the switch work?


Do you use just a single vlan?


What provides the actual Internet access?




Here to help


On Wireless> Access Control:


What are your Addressing and traffic settings for the SSID you use?



I would recommend to check on Change log as well, you may find something. 



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