The Original OD2

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The Original OD2

I am the original owner of several OD2 units that were taken out of operation at the end of 2015.  


I recently visited the dashboard to find that the dashboard is completely different and that all my networks are gone.


Will I have to go through the same set up process all over again?  And I'm assuming that the lifetime license is still that--a lifetime license.


Any assistance appreciated.

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Head in the Cloud

Hi Samir


Following is my understanding on OD2s.


Excerpts from the above Url says OD2s

• End-of-Sales Announcement: July 26th, 2012
• End-of-Sales Date: October 30th, 2012
• End-of-Support Date: October 30th, 2017


I understand you may be able to use OD2s without License if you have not upgraded your Pro Dashboard to Enterprise Dashboard. Also Pro Dashboard is not available any more. 


If you create a new Dashboard that shall be Enterprise and one needs to purchase License to use the Access Points.

Having said that I shall recommend reaching Cisco Meraki Support for better understanding.




@Samir a lifetime license doesn't mean forever it means for the life span of the product therefore if support is no longer available the license has expired sorry.

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