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Amazon Echo - advice

Anyone has advice on the combination of Amazon Echo and Meraki ? Have just replaced home Wired / Wireless with Meraki MX / MS / MR combination. So far everything is connected and running fine except the Echo.

I have iPhones / iPads / Apple and Chrome Computers / Google NEST and quite a few other wireless clients connected to the Meraki network 

I have done nothing to tweak the general WiFi settings but I cannot get the Amazon Echo to hold it's connection 

This has to be a pretty common combination and so I am hoping others might be able to share their own setup and any tweaks needed ?
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Kind of a big deal

I have three echos on my home Meraki network and have no particular problem.  Over a year or so I have had to restart a couple of them only a couple times, but I never bothered to consider if there was a network issue or just a glitch on the echo.


What do your wireless event logs show?  Have you looked at RF spectrum and considered the placement of the echos?

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

One comment to add is that Meraki have told me to upgrade my Wireless Firmware to the latest and I have scheduled that for tonight


Meanwhile see attached Event Log for the Alexa / Echo and screenshots of the RF Spectrum which indicates a very busy 2.5G radio and a much less occupied 5G 


Any more thoughts ?


Screenshot 2018-08-29 17.42.43.png


Screenshot 2018-08-29 17.39.00.pngScreenshot 2018-08-29 17.38.49.png

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

so its connecting 2.4ghz. how about you run 5ghz only

Hi - thanks for the suggestion.....I think I resolved this with a combination of Firmware Upgrade to the MR33 and a move to a better location 

The 2.5GHz signal is needed for a GOOGLE NEST that has no 5GHz capability but I wonder if it might make sense to create a separate 2.5GHz radio for the NEST and turn off the 2.5GHZ transmitter on the general SSID ? 

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