MR33 - Access poin in repeater mode in meraki

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MR33 - Access poin in repeater mode in meraki


One AP is showing in repeater mode. We haven't changed anything, Could any one please help me on this asap??

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Check the cabling, patch port, switch port to the affected AP.  Have seen it where the AP is powered up and in Mesh mode but not able to operate as a gateway, turned out to be cabling that had degraded.  Try rebooting the ap before you do that

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I have installed new MR52 access point in network and it came online as repeater, We have given static IP to it but it still in repeater mode.


We have rebooted , Factory Reset but still have same problem.


can you help here 

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If your access point is coming online as a repeater then it’s most likely it can’t get an IP address via DHCP on the Ethernet connection. So check to make sure the cables are good, and that your subnet/VLAN and DHCP are correctly configured (and that there are spare DHCP addresses available). I don’t believe configuring a static IP address will work if the access point is running as a repeater.

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@Lucifer  AP comes in repeater mode when it doesn't have the direction connection to the internet. Repeater mode AP could be a issue of bad cable, or bad power supply.


Sometimes rebooting the AP can fix the issue.

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Kind of a big deal

If you plug your notebook into the same switch port as the AP is in can you get to the Internet ok?

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If I may suggest an ordered troubleshooting list:


1. Identify the switchport that the AP should be connected to.

2. Verify the switchport's config. If it's good, continue on. If it's misconfigured, fix that!

3. Connect a known-good device to that switchport. Do you get the connectivity you expect? Assign a static IP address if necessary.

4. If the switchport is good, start changing cables one at a time in between the switch and the AP. Make sure you know these cables are good.

4a. If there's a power injector involved, swap that out too if you can.

5. If the switchport is not good, configure an empty switchport to match the settings. Check it using your known-good device.

6. If the new switchport works on your device, connect your AP back in. 

7. If AP comes up, victory! Otherwise, do steps 4 and 4a.

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I'm curious as to what the WAP is plugged in to. Most connectivity issues (working fine, then not with no change) with WAPs come down to a bad wire, a bad switch, or a bad WAP. I had one WAP that would randomly go to repeater mode and then back. Cable was fine, I re-tipped the ends, tried a different port, tried a different Meraki WAP, and always got the same result. I put a different brand WAP in place of it, and within a day I was alerted that the WAP had dropped down to 100mb from the 1000mb. I replaced the Cisco POE switch (SG300-28MP) a different brand of POE switch and haven't had a problem with that WAP since. Meraki does a bad job of defining why a WAP isn't functioning properly in many of these cases.


I've found that the model of switches that I inherited are junk, and have had 3 fail in the last month. Cisco reliability and stability ain't what it used to be!

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I have also seen this happen with the AP is coming online and downloading new firmware.   It correctly displays when the firmware was complete.

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