Power Cords shipping with products

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Power Cords shipping with products

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Cna someone confirm if Meraki ships the MS and MX series with Power Cords outside US . I want to get this shipped to Canada 


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Kind of a big deal

I see this at the bottom of an MX data sheet: 


1x power cable required for each MX, 2x power cables required for MX250 and MX450. For US customers, all required power cables will be automatically included. Customers outside the US are required to order power cords separately.




My experience in the US is that a power cord is alway included *unless* you specifically order just one with multiple devices.  So if you order 10 MXes and one power cord you well get exactly that.  If you just order 10 MXes you will get 10 power cords with them.



Confirmed, in order to reduce waste, in the US only all devices (and/or power supplies if ordered as spares) will ship by default with an MA-PWR-CORD-US, but in all other locations the correct power cord must be specified.  

Hi MerakiDave, I know there was an official announcement in 2017, can you share that? I still need to answer the why do we need power cords question from customers, thanks.

Power cords are classed as an accessory which is fine by me as we always end up with more power cords than we need. The Meraki cords do come in really handy cloth bags though, I use these bags while hiking/hunting to keep small objects from getting lost inside my pack. 

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If you order a redundant PS for MS switches do you get a power cable automatically in the US?


Our experience has been the same that all of our MX and MS devices ship with the standard US power cords.  We ship a lot of gear internationally and we have to either order the correct power cords or the people in country provide their own.  

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Hi Mohammed,


Outside of the US you have to select and order the power cables separately, and when I say outside of the US I am not sure if that includes Canada (apologies to all Canadians) as from various visit they are the same power cables.  The bonus is that all power cables come in a nice little canvas bag 🙂


Many thanks

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