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Connectivity Issues

I have a badge reader that has been installed but I am getting no signal from the device but it is showing on the Meraki switch that I am getting power to it from the switch. The device is connected to the back of a patch panel then ran to the switch. If I use a POE injector in to the patch panel and connect my laptop I can access the badge reader and configure the network settings. What are your thoughts on the issues I am experiencing? All information is configured the same as other door controllers that are connected to a different switch. Default gateway, IP and subnet mask all look correct. 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Is the switch port definitely in the correct VLAN and configured as an access port?


If you do a switch port cable test does it say anything interesting?


When it works on the notebook, is it getting a Gigabit connection or something else (like 100Mb/s)?  If it is only 100Mb/s, perhaps try changing the switch port to match.


If you do a packet capture on the switch port do you see anything at all coming from the device?



I did double check and the switchport is on the correct vlan. The cable test does say that the 3 and 4 are short but I did some research to find that this could be a bug. I have tried changing from auto negotiate to other types with no resolution. The packet capture shows nothing at all on the switch port unfortunately. 

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