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UPDATE: Thank you all for the fantastic contributions to this contest! We have drawn three names from the hat to win our magnet puzzles.... @CloudStrife , @Ensposito, and @Chatchai. Congratulations!

Stay tuned for an email with info about how to collect your prize.



Every year on April 22nd, the world celebrates Earth Day! It is a day dedicated to promoting environmental consciousness born out of a growing concern for pollution in the 1960s. First celebrated in 1970 in the United States, Earth Day eventually went global in 1990. Today, it is celebrated by more than 1 billion people across more than 190 countries worldwide.  


In the spirit of raising awareness around the importance of sustainability, we want to hear how YOU are making an impact this Earth Day – and every day! How is your organization using Meraki (or other technology) to reduce your carbon footprint?


This could be by powering off all non-essential switch ports during non-work time; upgrading equipment to newer, more energy efficient versions; or using monitoring solutions to turn off lights and equipment when not in use. These are just a few of the ideas you shared with us last Earth Day. If you need additional inspiration, you can check out the Unboxed episode about sustainability

The key is to describe, via any desired mediums (text, video, images, interpretive dance, etc.), how your org uses technology to help reduce your carbon footprint. All comments will be entered to win one of three Cisco Meraki Product Magnet puzzles:


Cisco Meraki Product Magnet.png


How to Win


In a comment on this post, submit your earth-conscious company initiatives that are based in technology before 11 a.m. EDT on Friday, April 26th (04/26/2024). We’ll then draw three at random to win a Meraki product puzzle! Your entries will be public and visible throughout the contest.


Terms & conditions
  • Limit one entry per community member.
  • Submission period: Monday, April 22nd, 2024 at 11am EDT through Friday, April 26th, 2024 at 10:59am EDT
  • Prize will be a selection of Meraki swag with value not exceeding USD 50.00
  • Official terms, conditions, and eligibility information