New camera site survey tool available

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New camera site survey tool available

There is a new site survey tool available to help you design a camera deployment. It can be found here: [MOD NOTE: Updated link June 2021]






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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Nice work!

Building a reputation

Hi George,


Nice tool, can you please add the new cameras 🙂


Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-28 um 17.29.51.png



This will be coming at the start of next year.

Building a reputation

Any updates on this @GeorgeB, would have really helped us.

Sorry, I don't have an update at the moment. We are still looking into it.

Ran into a situation today where this would have been great to present to the customer. While we can use it in this condition, I can not present it to them missing these cameras though. Hopefully this is coming soon.

In the drawing, the camera size should be reduced.  if we take a printout of the exported report then camera size showing too big.

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There are still only the old Kameras! when will be there a update?


Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-18 um 11.31.11.pngPicture from today!



@GeorgeB do you have any update on this tool.


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Meraki Employee

We are looking at updating the site, but we don't have a date yet.


Hi George, is there any news on the survey tool for the cameras? I noticed that it's currently not available at all anymore? I think it is a great tool to have (and I actually wish that Cisco Meraki also offered a similar tool for their Wi-Fi access points). Thanks!

Building a reputation

I was on the link just now and the new Cameras was still not there 😞

Here to help

It would be really great to get the new Cameras added to this.


Also wondering how the FoV is going to look like for the MV32. 

Just checked, today but the new Cameras are still not in the Tool 😞

Hi all. I have tried uploading several different PDF files of floor plans but none of them works in the site survey tool. Do you know if there are any special requirements of the files that is uploaded?



The tool works better with images than PDF files. Try to convert the file and it will work. 

Getting noticed

Has this changed location?

Is it still available?

If you need something very similar IPVM has a great tool.


Also, they are very responsive in getting new Cameras/specs updated as they come out. 

I am also looking for the location of this tool

Nice piece of history. Can we get an update?

It only has old camera models. It would be good to have an update. MV21 and MV71 are both EoL. 

This tool is already history and not upo to date.

Basically we are evaluating what makes sense to maintain and update on an ongoing basis.  As of right now, we recommend people use the IPVM tool ( or System. Surveyor ( as they regular update these tools.  Full disclosure there will be limitations to both unless you have accounts so fair warning.  Having a 'go to' tool for planning and design is something we know people desire and is top of mind on how we make this happen so please stay tuned.

Here to help

Hello George,


could you have  a look at the 'Planing: Survey Tool updates and enhancements request' thread?


As a contributor said it bellow, nice piece of history...



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