MV72 Cameras over Mobile Data?

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MV72 Cameras over Mobile Data?

Has anyone successfully deployed and used an MV over Mobile Data?


We have a possibility of installing some cameras in a remote location of a warehouse externally, where no network is currently available and would be a long-ish run of fibre so thinking data maybe a possibility if a decent data plan can be sorted.


This may open up further deployment possibilities too, if it's viable

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Mobile data for video will get expensive pretty fast, at least from where I am it would.  Have you thought about a wireless bridge?  As long as you have power, you can setup two wireless radios to make sort of an invisible ethernet cable from two points.  I use this at several locations, and you can get some pretty major distances according to what you use and need.  Check out and look at their AirMax, or AirFiber, according to what you need.  The LiteBeam AC, nanobeam AC, and PowerBeam ACs all work great, I have used them in production environments, and they are working really well.  I have remote cameras and even a VoIP phone working over a wireless bridge.




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The MV72 cameras have wireless networking built in.

Can you get a wireless connection to them?

As mentioned Wifi would be a much cheaper option, you would need rather deep pockets to use cellular as you would need it plugged into some form of cellular router so there's that cost as well as the ongoing cost of a cellular plan.



Wifi would be a better option. 

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@jbright wrote:

The MV72 cameras have wireless networking built in.

Can you get a wireless connection to them?

It's pretty easy to set them to run wirelessly, too.


If you haven't got wifi in the target building, but you do nearby, you could always setup a wireless bridge if you don't want to drag fiber. Wireless bridge connects to a switch. Then either run cables from a switch to your cameras, or connect APs to the switch and the cameras sync to the APs.

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I have successfully deployed MV72 in temporary situations using a cradle point on LTE (Before there was the MG's)


The only difference I noticed if you are trying to watch real-time videos double or triple the delay. My testing showed as low as 12 seconds but as high as 25 seconds. But it was varied a lot. 


Overall historical video playback was alittle slower (than on a wired network) I'm assuming due to the increased latency. 

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