Local long-term storage of MV footage

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Local long-term storage of MV footage

We currently have the 180 day cloud storage license for our MV32 cameras, but that comes at the price of lower quality video. I've not contacted Meraki directly about this question, but is it possible to manage your own storage for the MV camera's instead of having to go with Meraki's cloud option and thus losing the quality of the video? Whether that storage be on an external HDD, SSD or another cloud storage service like through Amazon or Google. Yes, I am aware of the newer model MV22X that is out, but as there is nothing wrong with our MV22's that we've had for around a year, we can't justify the cost in replacing them.

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@VinceR  yes i get you in that point of justification but apparently that the option meraki  for video quality you just have to use the third party which is only available on the new MV version that has been released 

but still you can contact meraki and hear their advice 

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