Is there a Sensor Wish section here?

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Is there a Sensor Wish section here?

Other than Make a Wish through the Dashboard, is there a way to request enhancements here? Specifically on Door sensor alerts (to start), why would there not be a time variable? If Door is open for more than a minute Alert, rather than just Door open which would eventually just be noise to operators?



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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

You can contact your Meraki account team to make official Enhancement Requests, beyond Make a Wish.   You may be asked to provide some supporting input, in order to understand your business needs etc.


As you can imagine, this particular feature is already baking...

A model citizen

I like the idea of your wish

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Stealth_Network -


The community isn't part of the formal make-a-wish / enhancement request process. BUT when threads in the community get a lot of attention (kudos, comments, views) the community team does alert the PM team. So there's certainly no harm in posting requests here. 😀


Here is more info about feature requests within the community: Product Feature Requests in the Community 



Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki
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