Using MX ports as Access Ports on an External VLAN?

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Using MX ports as Access Ports on an External VLAN?



I'm trying to find a way to connect devices to an MX so that they're on an Access VLAN thats managed by the L3 switch below the MX. Is there some creative way to do this?


The fall back solution will be to move the VLAN from the L3 switch to the MX and configure the L3 Switch with a relay, but I want to avoid this at all costs since it has caused other complications and problems in the past.


The devices in question are Managed PDU's which power the switches they are currently attached to. I want them connected directly to the MX so that I can cycle the power ports for the switches without loosing access to the Managed PDUs that they preside.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Just create the vlan and ip on the mx. And turn of dhcp for that vlan. Then put it on the trunk to a switch.  Exclude mx ip from your dhcp server

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