Unable to contact domain controller event logs

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Unable to contact domain controller event logs

What can cause the log messages that say "Unable to contact domain controller"? I see the log messages coming from both of the DC's that are configured for this site. When I go to Security & SD-WAN > Active Directory, it shows the status is green and appears to be connected. I couldn't really find a specific knowledge article regarding this, so I am just looking to find out where I should look next, or where I can get more details on the error.
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Check the AD account you're using to auth with. I've seen this issue happen when the account gets locked out. 


I had the same problem in the status informed ok "green", when I went to check in the event logs, Event type informed that: "Unable to contact domain controller " alternating between "Connected to Domain Controller" .

To solve this I checked that in the "domain admin" field I didn't need to inform the domain followed by the \

Put only the domain user name.domainname.JPGdomainname1.JPG

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