Templates for MX64 and MX64W

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Templates for MX64 and MX64W

I have templates for networks that use the MX64. Recently for a new site a MX64W was ordered by mistake.  I am wondering if I would be able to associate the MX64W to a template made specifically for the MX64?


Any experience with his situation?





@Adriano that is correct.

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Kind of a big deal

If you wanted an MX64 instead of the MX64W can you just exchange it with your reseller?  But worst case, just copy/clone an existing MX64 network and then assign the MX64W to it and it should get the majority of the settings except for the device name, static IP etc...

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@Adam Yeah, returning the MX64W and getting the MX64, according to my Korean counterparts (site is in Korea) would take around 2 months.

Yep I considered too making a new template to cover the mx64W case. I may not even use a template since the MX64W will be the only one in the organization.

given the input from @Mr_IT_Guy, I'll try to use the mx64 template I already have.


Cheers lads

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Hi @Adriano,

A template for an MX64 would work on an MX64W. When going through the template setup, you will see that there are options for wireless settings. When applied, a template will apply those settings which pertain to that device. For instance, you can apply a Z1/Z3 to an MX64 template, but the device will not get Content Filtering settings because content filtering is not available on the device. Additionally, the Z1/Z3 will get the port settings for the first 4 ports in the MX template as the Z1/Z3 only has four usable ports.


Here's a link to further documentation: Managing Multiple Networks with Configuration Templates


Hope this helps!

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Thanks @Mr_IT_Guy 

So then, if I bind the MX64W to the MX64 template, since the MX64 template has no wireless settings, the mx64W wireless will remain unconfigured. Correct?



@Adriano that is correct.

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