MX65W 802.1x roadmap?

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MX65W 802.1x roadmap?

I have a few MX65Ws deployed around the place, providing small remote office connectivity via autovpn. the 802.1x support on these devices is quite lackluster, and I was wondering if there was a roadmap for features or anything. The 'make a wish' request doesnt really give any indication if my wish has been considered, or rejected...

To elaborate on lackluster, no radius assigned vlan support on wired and wireless, have yet to see a mab request reach my ISE cluster and the service-type attribute missing from the request (reasonably sure the MR send this attribute, which is why it worked well with the existing ISE policies). 

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Re: MX65W 802.1x roadmap?

Hi Tobias,


there is a post from Bob in the wireless section that may help you:





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