How to check Uptime of the Meraki Device, through the dashboard not through the logs.

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How to check Uptime of the Meraki Device, through the dashboard not through the logs.

Hello All,


I am new to the Meraki and recently started discovering the meraki.

Can anyone tell me how to check Uptime of the Meraki Device through Dashboard.? for devices MX, MS , MR ?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

In a nutshell: you can't. 😞



Is there anyway we can see though dashboard, when the device was rebooted ?


Thanks in advance.

@SarthakRane Not that I can see, the event logs don't show this information either. I agree this would be useful in regard to troubleshooting.

@BlakeRichardson  @CptnCrnch   any other way we can see the reboot log or event anywhere ?

I know it might sound funny, but you‘ll have to get in touch with Meraki support for that.

Apologies for bumping an old thread, but Google points here -- is this really still the case? Is there no API endpoint to view uptime or ... anything?

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@SarthakRane You can look at the Historical Data on the Appliance Status page for the last month and see all the reboots. 



2020-07-09 08_42_12-Security Appliances - Meraki Dashboard and 4 more pages - Work - Microsoft​ Edge.png2020-07-09 08_43_50-Security Appliances - Meraki Dashboard and 4 more pages - Work - Microsoft​ Edge.png

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Is that reboot information or just loss of connectivity?

that bar is just reachability between the device and dashboard




That only shows the MX uptime, not the switches or APs.

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You cannot see that in logs, however on the device page , you can see the uptime on the Device Summary page, in the Historical device data.

If the device is UP you will see that in green, if device goes DOWN, for affected time that bar shows Red.

Please see below.



Meraki Uptime.png

I believe the correct interpretation is that if there is loss of connectivity then the bar shows red. Loss of connectivity could be due to power, but can also be loss of internet access "connectivity"


@Ryan_Miles Is there a way to pull the uptime through an API?

Not today unfortunately.  

This is pathetic.

More than pathetic. Merkai was forced on us by upper management. We had a perfectly functional Cisco Controller-based solution previously. 


Last night our MX "blipped" out. We only knew because another 3rd party firewall sitting behind it reported the main links going. A few "Ethernet port carrier change" events were reported on the MX's active links.

A couple of Primary Uplink status changes, too.

On the other side, the MS switch's ports also went through a down-up cycle.


All for what seemed to be a very brief moment.

That's all we could get out of Meraki's logs.

No uptime info, no way of knowing if / when firmware updates took place.


The "blip" was short enough that the connectivity graphs are useless to show that anything happened.


To not have a way of seeing uptime information, or when firmware updates took place is ludicrous.


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@shaakir if there is a firmware update then it is clearly indicated in the timeline, hover over the red section and it will tell you.  I do however agree about having an uptime display in the dashboard and an event stating "starting up" or similar in the logs would be good.

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This does not appear in the log, but you can see the uptime on the Device Overview page of the device's historical data on the Devices page.
If the device is UP, this will be displayed in green, if the device is DOWN, this bar will be displayed in red for that time.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Carolinet the green shows that the device was connected to the Meraki cloud, not whether it was actually up or not.  A quick device restart may not show there, but a firmware upgrade or device power down normally does:



Obviously a green line means up and connected, but a red line can mean up but just disconnected from the cloud.



@Carolinet thanks for the tip, but @cmr is right. In our case, the reboot was so quick that it wasn't even registered on that bar. Went through event logs (EVENT LOGS DON'T EVEN HAVE IT!) and all, but the only clues were the ethernet states changing on the connected switches, and uplink changing from 0 to 1 (and I think back).


Meraki Support confirmed it was a reboot. No firmware upgrades. No power failure. No user-trigger.


We're in watch-and-wait mode now; see if it does it again.





We have a remote office.  During the week, the Meraki equipment becomes unreachable per the portal around 18:00 and then becomes available at 09:00 the next day (or on Monday if it is the weekend coming up).  We suspect the staff may be turning off a switch that is turning off the equipment.  However, I want to see the uptime of the equipment to see if it actually powering off or if they are turning off some modem, dmark or other endpoint that the Meraki is attached to.  If the uptime is for days or weeks then we know that the equipment is not losing power - just losing connectivity until the next time.

Any new information on how to see the actual uptime of the equipment.  The Historical time line is of no help in determining this that I can tell.

Thank you!

Meraki support should be able to give you that information.

Not sure if this a newer feature, as it's now about a month and a half after your post but, if it is a power outage it will show it on the relevant tooltip. Also it is better to select the last two hours for the graph so that you can dial in better on the specified outage. I came here today to figure out how to see the uptime, and though the answer I got is not what I was looking for it was very helpful for tracing the problem source. Screenshot 2022-07-21 at 16.34.53 .png


I thought that might still be the case.  You would think something that simple would be available on the GUI.


I miss CLI.......


If you want to see uptime on Meraki devices use SNMP.  OID's are: - System Name - Host Name - Uptime


Configure SNMP v2c in the Meraki dashboard.

Build your own SNMP dash board with SNMP View 2.5 or similar to poll the SNMP information from the devices.


This will show uptime for Meraki switches, but will not show uptime for Meraki MX's - I know, Right?!




Does it look at switch uptime based on power-on or uptime per portal connection?


It is based on power up as far as I can tell.  After a firmware update all the switches in my fleet all start over with new uptime counters.

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So it is 2023-06-08. When will we get an actual device status/data history?
A table of all the events which can be sorted and filtered would be nice.
Perhaps even add this to the event log?

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