GX20-HW-US - Meraki Go Terrible Throughput

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GX20-HW-US - Meraki Go Terrible Throughput

I have over 40 real Meraki sites deployed and thought I would give the Meraki Go stack a "Go" as a replacement for Ubiquity gear.  Here is my quick review and to see if anyone has a good solution for the Gateway. 


APs - Pretty good - Nice range, nice features. 

Switches - They are cisco, what can i say - rock solid. 

Firewall / Gateway - My throughput is terrible. I am only getting about 200MB/s.  Since my Spectrum is delivering 700x50, I really need more. 


I have attempted some optimization but cannot even get to the 250 speed it should have. It looks like I have to buy an MX84 to get decent throughput.  That would break the budget.  Any suggestion or does anyone know if Meraki Go has any new gateways on the horizon with better throughput? 







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Hi @wtesolutions - 

You will get more eyeballs of folks knowledgeable about Meraki Go if you post this in the Meraki Go community (community.meraki-go.com). I can move it over there for you if you like. Or if you specifically wanted to post it here in the main Meraki forums, that’s fine too! Just let me know.



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Kind of a big deal

You know the MX67 has 450Mb/s of throughput when there is less than 50 users?

Kind of a big deal

I suggest you to work with Cisco SE, he will provide you the discount for sure 🙂 


Inderdeep Singh


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