Windows Profile Removing Personal Certificates

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Windows Profile Removing Personal Certificates

Hi All,


I have a very odd issue where when a windows profile is installed on a windows 10 device any personal certificates that are installed onto the computer via the user are removed within 15 minutes after installing them.


The certs are installed by our Dev users who need them for testing etc and all work fine when a windows profile isn't present on the device.


I have been able to replicate to this on 3 different machines 2 Windows 10 Pro and one Windows home. The windows profile has only been set to push put WIFI settings for our head office and no other settings have been configured.

If I remove the Windows profile and keep the Meraki agent the issue no longer occurs however I really need the Windows profile on the endpoints.

Any ideas or if any one has come across this issue? I have a feeling this may be a support ticket


Thanks is advance,

Here to help

I have raised a case and they were unable to replicate the issue on their end. To proof there was a issue I got a brand new out of the box machine and screen-captured the computer to show me install the certificate and then showed how it was automatically removed in 15 minutes. Still waiting for someone to get back to me about it, but it seems like they don't know what is causing it.
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