Shared iPad - Storage full?

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Shared iPad - Storage full?



we're a school using Shared iPads for our students. I've set the ResidentUser setting to 5-7 users depending on the iPads storage. Occasionally I get an iPad that won't allow any more logins, neither users nor guests. It shows an error message like this:


Not enough storage available


There is not enough storage available to add another user to this iPad. Wait until all users are synchronized or contact your admin to free up storage.


Waiting obviously doesn't help. And being the admin, I don't seem to have any tools available to free up storage. My only recourse seems to be to wipe the device. 


Looking at the Apple developer website, there seem to be commands available to list the user accounts on the iPad and also to delete them:


But as far as I can see this is not implemented in Meraki. @PaulF, is this something that can be added?


In the meantime, does anyone have other ideas?


I second this request @PaulF 

Kind of a big deal

As far as I am aware Meraki doesn't support this and there is no work around apart from restoring the device.
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