Default app at startup

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Default app at startup

We have an Apple TV in a classroom that we would like to have automatically start up a specific app when it powers but (i.e. after a power interruption), but we still want to be able to use to other apps. We use the Ditto app from AirSquirrels to provide screen sharing for Windows and Android users so we'd like that to automatically launch at startup. We can't leave the remote in the classroom but an instructor can get the remote before class if they want to use the Apple TV for something other than screen sharing.


Kiosk mode appears to lock the Apple TV so that only the selected app can be used.


Is there an option that I'm missing to allow switching away from the default Kiosk app to something else?

Kind of a big deal

@McDreimiller  as far as I am aware this isn't possible sorry. Kiosk mode locks the device to one app and ONLY that one app.
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