Merge personal calendars and work profile calendars

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Merge personal calendars and work profile calendars

We are in the process of deploying MDM to our devices and I came across a user request.

Users are use to having their personal calendar and work calendar merged on the phone.

With MDM and work profiles their personal calendar shows up as it used to but the work profile calendar is in the Outlook Client Calendar. So two separate calendars now. ios and android.

Is this just how it's is or is there any way to merge these calendars? It's not a big problem for most of our users but we are going to have higher ups that will not want this.

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Don't have the answer specifically for outlook but I am very sure all of these calendar apps have a feature of syncing with other calendar apps. Dont think you can automate this but each user should be able to configure syncing of calendars manually on their individual device within the app. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You don't want to do this.  What happens is every time you have a meeting or calendar entry you get a double pop up - one from the Android calendar and one from the Outlook calendar.


If you are using Office 365 and really want to do this, you can configure a flow to synchronise them.  There is a pre-built one that does exactly this.

I tried it, then ran into the double pop up issue, and turned it back off.

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In Google Calendar, when you’re using a work profile on a device with Android 11 and up, you can now see your personal and work calendars together.

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