Pushing out Books to iPad Via Apple School Manager

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Pushing out Books to iPad Via Apple School Manager

Hi all, 


I have looked at other questions and solutions on here, but it seems wayyyy more complicated than it needs to be. Could anyone please give clear steps on how to push out books (formerly iBooks) to iPads managed using ASM? 


I have 'purchased' the books in the same method I use to get apps (which works fine, usually), but it's not clear how to get them across to devices using Meraki. If anyone could enlighten me, that would be wonderful. 


Many thanks. 


@jomaule  Books can only be deployed using user licenses not device licenses. You have to assign books to the users you want to have access to it. 

Hi @Cmiller ,


I really appreciate your reply, but neither of those links mention anything about books. I am confident in pushing out apps and have done, for a few years now, but books don't work in the same way. We don't use VPP anymore either, since we moved to Apple School Manager. 



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Sorry, misunderstood your question, not sure if you saw this one but it might be an option:

Thanks @Cmiller  - this is a complete nightmare! We have managed Apple ID's and the app store is disabled/hidden for pupils and staff to stop them from downloading non-educational apps. Their Apple ID is different to their email address. 


Yet again, why do Apple make out this is such an easy and straightforward process! It's a nightmare. 


I will have a look through the messages in the other thread now, but at the moment I want to tear my hair out!

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Yeah apple doesn't mention the headache of managing all of these devices. Good luck sir, may the long night be shortened and summer come quickly

Thanks @Cmiller! It's Madam, but the intentions are appreciated! 🙂 

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