Ipad in lose mode-trying to clear lost mode dashboard says request sent but Ipad still stuck in lost

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Ipad in lose mode-trying to clear lost mode dashboard says request sent but Ipad still stuck in lost

I have an ipad I had put into lost mode, I now have the Ipad back. I went into the dashboard and sent the request to disable lost mode, it says request enqueued. The ipad never clears out of lost mode (not on wifi, but does have cellular its on currently) so it has connectivity. I confirmed the ipad was communicating with Meraki by pushing a reboot request and watched the ipad successfully reboot. 


Any thoughts on why lost mode won't clear?

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@pstokes I know that sometimes if devices are not on the current iOS that this process breaks. What iOS version is this device using?

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this device is running: 11.0.2

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@pstokes Unfortunately, that was one of the versions of iOS that would not clear lost mode. I had several at 11.0.2 and the only way to get them working again was to reset the device. I verified the issue and reported it to Apple at the time and Apple confirmed an issue with that iOS. 



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Ok good to know what steps/process did you take to get the device back up and running again? 

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@pstokes You should be able to reset the device through iTunes.



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Hi pstokes, 


This is an issue I have raised with Cisco. When we put an iPad into lost mode and command it to trigger a sound (which usually causes it to be found on our school premises), we cannot take it out of lost mode, because it drops off the wifi network for some reason and there's no way around this, except wiping it via iTunes. Hugely frustrating. 


As often happens, Cisco blame Apple and Apple blame Cisco, so it never gets resolved. 

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@jomaule I usually have no issue getting them back out of lost mode unless it is one of two things, either the iPad has been powered off/restarted so wireless is not connect or there is a buggy iOS which will not accept the clear lost mode command.


There is an option to connect an iPad via a wired connection using Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter and Apple USB Ethernet Adapter. This works probably 75% of the time.





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yeah I've seen the option of using the adapters. I'm debating that route, I don't have the adapters currently and hate to spend the money if they aren't going to work. 

Thanks @vassallon - the iPad(s) was (were) definitely connected to Wifi before it (they) was (were) put into lost mode, so it seems being put into lost mode is triggering it to disconnect from Wifi. 


I wonder if there is a pattern in ones missing the latest iOS update? Food for thought...


Ah interesting, I will look at getting one and testing it out. Even if it works 75% of the time, it's worth it, as wiping it and setting it up from scratch is a major pain! I'll let you know how I get on @pstokes 

here's what interesting to me about my device....it's also a cellular ipad. I confirmed the MDM can talk to it because I was able to force a reboot from meraki. so why the heck won't it clear the lost mode if it can communicate with it over cellular?

That's so weird @pstokes. Not helpful, but interesting to me that if our iPads were cellular as well, we'd still have this issue. I have told Cisco it is an issue with Meraki, but they don't seem to think it is...

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@pstokes I had the same issue with 11.0.2, it would take all commands but the clear lost mode command. I brought this up to Apple which confirmed it was a bug that it could not process the command.


@jomaule I know that when I lock up the iPads, teachers and students usually turn the device off to get it to stop pinging. Once the device is turned off, until the password is cleared wifi does not reconnect automatically on iPads, I have asked Apple to fix this but we'll see. I've never understood why an iPad has to be unlocked after a power-cycle to re-enable WiFi.


As for the cable combo, it's know around here as the FrankenCable but every library in our district has one and we have taught the librarians to plug in the iPad so we can send the clear lost mode command.


One thing about using this is you need to make sure Enable USB Restricted Mode is disabled in your settings or you will be able to use the FrankenCable.

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@pstokes FrankenCable! Love it! 


I don't know about you, but this happens quite often for me - Cisco blame Apple and Apple blame Cisco! So frustrating. 

well I got the frankenstein adapters today and tried this, no luck still unable to get the device out of lost mode. After some additional tinkering and reading the only option is to reset the device...down that rabbit hole I proceed

still happening on 12.2 with a frankencable, ipad not restarted, but battery saving mode enabled.

@alexis_cazalaa Have you made sure that USB restricted mode is disabled?




If you do not disable this the iPad will not accept USB connections after an hour.



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@vassallon even in lost mode ? because in that state it doesn't even prompt for passcode.. thought it didn't apply


@alexis_cazalaa If USB Restricted Mode is not disabled before lost mode is turned on then the lightning port is disabled from use. 


That link I attached explains the process of disabling the lightning port as a security feature from Apple. 


I have made sure that all of the iPads I manage now have USB Restricted Mode disabled otherwise you have no way to clear passcodes or lost mode on the iPad. 


This was a pretty big change by Apple that wasn't well publicized that I think has bitten quite a few people in this thread.

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I wanted to add that I've asked our techs not to use Lost Mode. If a device drifts off campus, it will not be able to connect to wireless access point that it hasn't previously connected to check in.


Instead we have set up a "Missing Stolen" zone in Meraki and we move devices there. This has a limited profile where they can get into Safari and everything else is hidden. It's enough for them to get onto wifi so the device can check in. It has a custom wallpaper with a phone number to call. It's been really great so far.

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I had found this in iOS 11.0.2 - The workaround is actually quite simple; push an iOS update and try to remove again.


The problem here is 'USB Restricted' Mode, so a dumb charger (wall charger) should be used. A PC/Laptop etc is a smart charger.


I hope this helps!


Thank you,

Peter James

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