Cisco IT deploys Systems Manager

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Cisco IT deploys Systems Manager

In case you missed it, last week we posted a blog about Cisco IT deploying Systems Manager for their global BYOD model. 60,000+ devices, including Apple and Android devices. Take a read and see how you can scale your endpoints with Systems Manager if you haven't already!




Kind of a big deal

Phantastic use case to be pointed out in presales. Thanks a lot for that!

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Thank you! We will be bringing more details soon!

Here to help

So there is a different solution for BYOD in the apple variety other than User Enrollment or did it get released and I missed it?


On a lighter note, that's an awesome roll out and the screen shots look awesome on walking users through the policies and agreements. Great job!

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"BYOD" in the case of the Cisco IT story above means "the Cisco employee bought the phone but it is fully managed by Meraki SM". 


To your point about the screen shots: the Cisco IT team did a great job and creating an on-boarding work flow that is easy to understand and pleasant to use. We (the SM team) certainly will be using it as inspiration for some future enhancements. 

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