Meraki Insight is there API for it?

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Meraki Insight is there API for it?

Does somebody know if there are API for Meraki Insight? and if no are it comming?


regards Michel

Kind of a big deal

I haven't see any yet. My suggestion would be to submit a make a wish with your use case. Also try to leverage you Meraki AM to back it.


Also post your use case here, I know the API team frequents the community a lot. Also the product management team for MI will likely see your post here.

Definitely would like to see API access to the Insight tool.  I just enrolled in another demo and I have seen several revisions of the GUI over the lifespan of the product.  Getting better but still struggle with getting timely data.  My use case is that I currently pull API data on the "UPLINK" to Google DNS but that only tells me if I have a problem with my link to my provider and if they are blocking ICMP to Google.   My real want would be to pull Loss & Jitter numbers and then maybe Latency & MOS.  These numbers are closer to what I see in my VPN statistics and show me when a provider decides to route my traffic out of state "around a problem".  Because UPLINK looks fine and does not drop but latency, Jitter and MOS take a beating.    Have submitted a /maw but will try and add context here in the hopes the Dev team might see. 

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