Cisco Catalyst switch config import to Meraki Dashboard to configure MS switches

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Cisco Catalyst switch config import to Meraki Dashboard to configure MS switches

Is it possible to import a catalyst switch configuration on meraki dashboard to set up an MS switch? 

As I understand, similar thing is possible to import ASA config to an MX using

Please suggest the steps, if this is possible to do. 



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I found this script and with some modification, I think it might be able to copy some basic configs into your Meraki switches...


How useful it will be I'm not sure because whenever migrating from a catalyst switches I've always rebuilt my Meraki switches from the ground up... I figure it is a good time to clean up any configs not needed and have a fresh start... let me know if this helps

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Yeah I would normally rebuild from ground up but we have some large switch stacks based on 3750's that we are moving to Meraki and want to retain the description and vlan info... a script to import this info would be very useful... will have a look at the script you suggest in my dev enviroment and revert back.

Ok, so in my case I want to migrate cisco 3750-g&x switch configs to the MS platform.... there is in fact an api script to do this 🙂 (happy dance!!)  its here....




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I’d go with building from the ground up as suggested above. Perfect time to tidy up the configuration.  Guaranteed they’ll be ports in the wrong VLAN currently and unnecessary config on those ports.


we generally audit what’s in place, note down ports which haven’t been used for 6-12 months (we can shut those down), document and then build the new stacks as they’re deployed.

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