Cloud Dashboard License

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Cloud Dashboard License

I had license from meraki with  "Meraki MR Enterprise License, 1YRMeraki MR Enterprise License, 3YR".


I Received at 1/4/2019 & when I ready to add it to my dashboard from week ago I found problem applying it & when am back to the email I found "Please note that this e-mail contains your cloud Dashboard license key, which must be added to your Cisco Meraki Dashboard within the next 30 days. If you do not add this license key to your Dashboard today, you will receive weekly reminder e-mails for the next 30 days" So plz I need ur help for what I do to renew my license again. 

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Contact Meraki TAC they will help you out.

Kind of a big deal

Get in touch with support or sales rep, they will for sure help you 😉

Kind of a big deal

How many MR's do you have in your network?


Can you describe the problem you had applying the license?


Can you post a screenshot of you current licensing page (blur out the license keys)?

Kind of a big deal

I would contact the person that you bought the licence from.

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Normally, the partner you bought the license keys would/should be able to provide you with the following Post Order:


Meraki order number: 5s3xxxxxx

Dashboard License Key Numbers:  Z2Ax-xxxx-xxxx

Single Cisco Order Number:   1079xxxxx


If you log an e-mail support ticket to:


And provide that those details as provided above, then they will be able to help.



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