Clean UP Support Cases list

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Clean UP Support Cases list

Can I clean up the Meraki Support Case Open list?
I want to initialize the list that appears as Dashboard> Cases> My Cases> ALL.
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Kind of a big deal

Which list do you want to empty? The "Open" list or the "All" list?


The "Open" list only shows open cases, so if you close them they should no longer appear there.


I don't think you can clear the "All" list. Why do you want to empty it?

Kind of a big deal

As far as I know, asked the same already to our Meraki Partner, it is not...


@BrechtSchamp I wanted to delete it, so not everybody can see the cases I opened in the beginning 😄 @Changmin-Bae Now I know, this can be used as a little knowledgebase, so my collegues can have a look at it and don´t have to open a new case, if I had the same problem before.

Thank you for your response

I manage the opened case list, but it is troublesome to manage because there are many same cases.
I want to delete duplicate cases.

Can't you close the duplicates?

All cases have been closed.

I simply want to clear the history of a closed case.

But now it seems that it is not possible, I asked if there was any other way.

I do not want the list to remain.

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