Automatic firmware upgrade didnt work

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Automatic firmware upgrade didnt work

i have several mx68's on the network as well as other mx devices.  all of them are auto scheduled for different days of the week to auto firmware update at 4am in the morning.


for this question i will just use one example network.


mx68 set to update thrusdays at 4am and no beta firmware.

set under network-wide --> general then firmware upgrades.


when i look at organization --> Firmware upgrades i show that mx 15.42.2 was released on August the 10th 2021 which was Tuesday of last week.  so why did my mx68 not auto update on Thursday of last week? (none of them did)


if i look at Security & sd-wan --> apliance status it shows that its on 15.42.1 and "up to date"



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When the device says its 'up-to-date' but there is an upgrade available you can apply it as below...


Organization>Firmware Upgrades

Click the 'All networks' tab at the top

Tick the line corresponding to what you wish to update

Click 'Schedule upgrades'

In the 'Target firmware version' column, use the drop down to select the version you wish to upgrade to

Click Next

Now you can schedule the date/time when you wish the firmware to be updated


I know I can manually schedule the upgrade,  but why isn't the auto upgrade working?  I don't want to have to log in everytime theres a new one and schedule it.  its supposed to auto update

Building a reputation

I had that once before on a small point upgrade on some switches where the devices said Up to Date yet there was a point release outstanding.

Kind of a big deal

Auto-upgrade does not apply the instant a new release comes out.  It doesn't usually run until the update has been out quite a bit of time and is very mature.

Kind of a big deal

@werowance : Check this thread


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