Add MDM to existing Network

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Add MDM to existing Network

Hi All in Meraki land,


Wanting to add MDM to an existing network - is it possible other than by creating new network and combining them?


Currently using the Legacy version on 2 networks but they are themselves separate networks.  Want to bring each locations MDM into their respective Network but can't see any option when in a selected network to add it.


cheers all 🙂

Kind of a big deal



In your menu select "View All Networks" from there you can select the MDM and Network you want and hit Combine. You do not have to create a new network. Just combine the existing. 


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Thanks kYutobi


I was aware of the combine for existing networks, this is more for adding MDM to an existing network.


There is no option i can see to create a new MDM in a network that is already there.  You have to create a new MDM network and then do the combine option rather than just adding to a network that already exists directly - unless i'm missing something 🙂




@nealgs Yes you may need to create a new EMM newtwork and then combine it with an exisiting network if you want everything in a single network.
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