Hello from Denver Colorado. Hoping to go API wild.

Getting noticed

Hello from Denver Colorado. Hoping to go API wild.

I do network Engineering for a few Colorado campuses.
Just getting my legs with Meraki. I look forward to building cool things.

I need to get a handle on the Meraki APIs. Need to build cool solutions.

I sing sometimes.

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Getting noticed

Welcome to the community!

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Welcome! This thread from a while back might have some helpful places to start with Meraki APIs 🙂 Also this one.

Meredith W | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki

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Thank you!

Here to help

Cheers from Aurora,Co!
I work with a multiclient MSP and push for all forward moving to progress forward to Meraki, unless they are a centralized Cisco enterprise. The QoS is amazing! The simplicity and support is ground breaking!
Stay Safe and Happy during these times of crisis and lockdown!
I hope to hear of some good API success stories.

Well hello neighbor. Thanks for saying, "Hi." I work at that Aurora campus at Colfax & 225. I'm excited to see your excitement for Meraki. I was so important to us to choose a dynamic platform and it came down to Meraki and MIST- and here we are.

I'm working on our sales rep to bring a local quarterly group together to discuss all things Meraki/API/development. Would that be something you would be interested in? I'm personally okay with Webex or live. I'm at a chicken or the egg... what solutions do we need/what's possible. I'll keep digging here. I was looking into the APIs and maps but it looks like it may be faster just to use the GUI with the current input for longitude and latitude needs - as well as the overlay. I'm happy to say for the 148 floors at the Colfax & 225 location, that will be our VARs job... 🙂  

So my next rabbit trail will be reporting. We currently use Airwave with classic Cisco to come up with some nifty reports. Maybe that will really kick my API journey into gear.


Thanks- you stay safe too!


Oh neat, we are pretty much work nieghbors! I work at a Business products supply company off of Smith and Peoria, but am having the luck of the draw to work from home 🙂

A group is a great idea, after exploring all the possibilities of what Meraki can do i think discussions would be awesome, and good to explore. Hopefully the world finds a sense of going back to normal soon to allow such .

I have a MR33, MS120BLP and a MX80(i need to relicense) with a few older Cisco Catalyst switches in my lab to play with on 3 dell poweredge's .. good ideas are always welcome..

I am at home too. So very glad.


I don't see a way to private message here, so here's the email of my Cisco Meraki rep:
Clint Russell (clirusse) <clirusse@cisco.com>


I have to say that the account team has been good in guiding me, but I feel like lot's of what we want to do hasn't really been mapped out yet. That's okay-- but there aren't any specific guides! Lol. 


Give him a shout, he would rather meet with people live in the Englewood office- but maybe we can get something going in the meantime.


So nice to meet you. Hope to see you on the webex side.



Hi @Jamieinbox and welcome to the community!


Just a quick note - you'll be able to PM soon, if not already. We require a certain amount of activity on the community prior to enabling PMs in order to deter PM spammers (they exist!).


Speaking of spammers, you may want to remove the email addresses from your post above; I'll enable PM for you manually if you don't already have that.



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Thank you SO much! I just nabbed my email out of the reply.


I sent you a hello to your linked in email from my gmail.. Speaking to my peers this seems like a good thing for brainstorming and creative use. Am also looking into the app involvement for possible customer interests to push COVID-19 social distance splashes and the idea of marketing and gratitude to guests .

Getting noticed

Welcome aboard and hitting the ground running!  What is it you are wanting to do with the APIs?

tracking, controls and splashes are a big thought. I am just beginning to peel open the possibilities from what i am seeing in others creations.

Hi QLSteve,

Thanks for leaving a note.

I was looking into how to automate uploading maps. I've since learned a bit that it you do it traditionally/GUI you have to provide coordinates, and if you upload you have to provide coordinates-- so either way there's a lot of work (I'm looking at about 200 floors). And, you still have to provide the building map/overlay. So not finding a big advantage with the API there. Which- is okay.


I am now going to look into reporting as we have some decently good reporting with our current pair of classic Cisco/Airwave reporting. I need to see what I can do with our new Meraki. I imagine there may be API opportunities there.

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Welcome to the Community! APIs really make the difference!
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