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It's the first day of spring! Share your spring cleaning pictures for a chance to win!

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It's the first day of spring! 🌷🌼 ☀️ 🌸 🐣 


(Well, in the Northern Hemisphere, at least, it's the first day of spring! Never fear, though—you can enter this contest even if it's your first day of fall. 🍂 🍁 )


Spring is a time for growth, rebirth, renewal, and... cleaning out the wiring closet?


In this contest, inspired by the Before and After Pictures thread, we invite you to share pictures of your spring cleaning efforts (or just the things you wish you had time to tidy up!).


How to enter

Post your picture(s) in a comment on this blog post by Friday, March 23 at 10am Pacific. We'll then pick three entries at random to win a Meraki Chia Pet. (Yes, we really have Meraki-shaped Chia Pets. Sing it with me: Ch-ch-ch-Chia!)


Good luck! 


UPDATE: The contest has closed and the winners have been announced!  Thanks to EVERYONE who shared their amazing photos.



The fine print:



Comes here often

camera cisco Meraki MV12WE before assembly 🙂camera Cisco Meraki MV12WE before assemblycamera Cisco Meraki MV12WE before assemblyand after assemblyand after assembly



Kind of a big deal

I would like to nominate @KrisVerdonck rom this thread:


I'm making this nomination not because it was tidy - but because the patch lead colour was selected not for purpose but fashion.

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Office cleanup from my last rollout



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@PhilipDAth wrote:

I would like to nominate @KrisVerdonck rom this thread:

I'm thinking I'll include everyone who posted on that thread in the Chia Pet raffle too!

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Oh, wow - ya'll - I've just learned about (safe for work, promise!) and If you liked this thread.... check those out!! 

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New here

The timing of this competition is very apt, as we are just carrying out our Big Spring Clean.

Our skip full of garbage ready to collectOur skip full of garbage ready to collectAnd a tidy comms room! :)And a tidy comms room! 🙂

Kind of a big deal

Does spring cleaning of the L3 kind count Smiley Tongue I haven't had time to do any physical spring cleaning this year!

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@BlakeRichardson - we are quite flexible in our interpretation of spring cleaning :-). You can also post pictures of the disasters that NEED spring cleaning, even if they're not yet clean!

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A before and after of my office space. That floor was nasty!



Kind of a big deal

I would post photos, but, ironically, everything has gotten more messy since the year began! 


The photos are fabulous here. The end results are fantastic. Kudos to all.

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Just put some finishing touches on today.  Photos don't quite do this justice but we were happy to cough up this power hairball!



Here to help

Sorry for the bad rotation, but here are some of my cleaned up cords! Shoe holders work really great, plus you can use wet-erase markers to label them easily and cheaply.