Milestone alert: 5,000th member!

Community Manager

Last week we hit an exciting milestone - 5,000 registered members!




@Johnwhdavies earned the distinction of the 5,000th member, and some fun swag is heading his way! Congratulations, John, and thanks for joining the community!


(For those of you really paying attention, you may notice that John's user ID in his profile URL is 5328, not 5000... but he is truly the 5,000th registered user. There must have been 328 people who didn't quite finish the registration process.)


It took just over 6 months for the community to grow to 5k members; what's your guess on how long it will take to get the next 5k?



Here's a little tribute to ALL of our 5,000 members, in astronaut form (thanks to @BradB for the great idea!):




Happy Monday!


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