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Milestone alert: 5,000th member!

Community Manager

Last week we hit an exciting milestone - 5,000 registered members!




@Johnwhdavies earned the distinction of the 5,000th member, and some fun swag is heading his way! Congratulations, John, and thanks for joining the community!


(For those of you really paying attention, you may notice that John's user ID in his profile URL is 5328, not 5000... but he is truly the 5,000th registered user. There must have been 328 people who didn't quite finish the registration process.)


It took just over 6 months for the community to grow to 5k members; what's your guess on how long it will take to get the next 5k?



Here's a little tribute to ALL of our 5,000 members, in astronaut form (thanks to @BradB for the great idea!):




Happy Monday!


Kind of a big deal

Awesome!  This community has been a great resource.  The more brains in here the better. 

Kind of a big deal

Well done @CarolineS.  Maybe an extra round of coffee's at the office today to celebrate?


You have put in so much effort and it is great to see the rewards and recognition for your work.

Kind of a big deal

Well done congrats on creating such a live and busy forum that is very useful and had helped me out a lot!

Community Manager

@PhilipDAth wrote:

Well done @CarolineS. Maybe an extra round of coffee's at the office today to celebrate? 

Thanks, Philip! I've just discovered that mini fridge near my desk is actually stocked, so perhaps something stronger than a coffee is in order! 🍻😀

Meraki Employee

Great to see!  Thank you Caroline for all your dedication and hard work to make Meraki Community such a big success!  I'm excited to be a part of it, and thank you to all of our super-dedicated members who help out tremendously and on a volunteer basis... YOU are also the reason Meraki Community now has 5,000 members and is growing every day. 


In no particular order  @Adam @PhilipDAth @BlakeRichardson @Uberseehandel  @MRCUR @WANKiller @geoffbernard @Mr_IT_Guy @jared_f @WadeAlsup  just to name a handful of top contributors I've gotten to know over the past 6 months, thank you for bringing and sharing your Meraki expertise, positive energy, and IT passion. 

Here's to the next 5,000 members!


Kind of a big deal

This is awesome! Thanks so much @CarolineS for all of your amazing work on the community. Here's to another 5,000! 👨‍🚀


And thanks to all of the Meraki employees for their participation, especially @MerakiDave who seems to spend every spare moment of his time here!

Kind of a big deal

One thing I wish to add is even though this is primarily a technical forum the "off the stack" discussion is always kept professional and while people do disagree I've never seen anyone be rude or nasty


The other thing which is nice to see is sessioned professionals helping out people that are not only new membets but new to the profession, I've seen in countless other forums often people with experience not having the time of day or being rude to people who aren't as experienced. 


I think thats a real credit to all of the Meraki community members.


Well done everyone!

Meraki Employee

Thanks @MRCUR for the shout-out, the Community has become so well received, successful and (most importantly) helpful for so many, it's hard to NOT check on it every day!  Spare moments?  If you find any please send me some.  haha Smiley Happy

Community Manager

@BlakeRichardson, definitely agree with your sentiments! This community is remarkably civil and helpful in a way that has truly exceeded our expectations. Hurrah! It's so nice to spend my time coming up with fun promotions and exciting future enhancements rather than chiding community members. 😀


A model citizen

@MerakiDave. thanks for the shoutout! It really is a pleasure to be a part of this fantastic community. I really have to say that participation in the community has been a great benefit into really getting a more inside look into the Meraki mindset. It's been great to have a place to go to get information direct from the source.


I think that I would be remiss if we did not give a shout out to Ms. @CarolineS. Thank you for all your hard work in the community!

Community Manager

Aw, thanks @Mr_IT_Guy

Head in the Cloud

Congratulations to the community and all the members. I can't wait to be apart of the next goal an smash out 10,000 active members!

Here to help

May I say thank you and what an absolute honour!


I have already found this an amazing source of help thanks to the community.


Thank you all.



Community Manager

@Johnwhdavies - here's a preview of the swag that's flying your way! Now you can show your Meraki pride quite literally from head to toe 🧢 🧦 😀






Kind of a big deal

Awesome community here. Thank you Meraki staff and especially @CarolineS for growing this community.