Happy 4-month birthday, Meraki Community!

Community Manager

Today marks the Meraki Community's 4-month birthday!  When we launched on August 21, little did we know how quickly the community would grow or how fantastically helpful its members would be. We're so proud!





Some stats to share:

  • 3,627 members have signed up
  • 1,025 topics and 4,860 replies have been written
  • 1 gnome has hidden

Our little community has gotten so big! Still just an infant though...


Happy Holidays, everyone!


Head in the Cloud

Happy 4-Monthy Birthday! Looking forward to seeing the Community Grow in 2018! 

Meraki Employee

Caroline excellent work building the community!

Kind of a big deal

Well done @CarolineS.

Here to help
Awesome!!! Very much liking the community you started...this is the start... we will go bigger. Thank you very much Caroline. When are we building a phone app? We will help on the go too...lol
Meraki Employee

Thanks for all your hard work @CarolineS and I'm thrilled to see the community taking off and glad to be a part of it!

Community Manager

@KB - thanks for the kind words! There's no phone app for the community, but the site is mobile-responsive, so just bring it up on your phone's browser!


Thanks to everyone else for the kind words too!

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

It's great to see the community taking shape so quickly as a place to share information and ideas ... Thanks to everyone who has been actively contributing to it.

Meraki Employee

Brilliant news !! Keep it up Caroline ...

Meraki Employee

We love the Meraki Community


Years from now we’ll look back at the first issue solved by a Meraki user thanks to help from another as the beginning of a new Era of Meraki.


Maybe it’s this one:



@Bruce, @MerakiJockey505, @BHC_RESORTS, we’ll be sending you all a Meraki MV to celebrate this monumental beginning.  


Thanks to everyone who’s made the Meraki Community an enormous success.  


Happy Holdiays,


GM, Cisco Meraki 


Kind of a big deal

Wow, the GM!  We're not used to seeing anything above product manager around here.  Thanks for making a presence, and especially thanks for honouring the the original group of people.

A model citizen

Four months already? Seems like just yesterday we were getting started. Thanks for all the hard work @CarolineS! As always, thanks to all the community members for all the help you have provided to myself and others. This really is my favorite community.

Building a reputation

This community has had a huge impact on our troubleshooting proficiency and been an awesome resource for our organization.  It's awesome to see how large its grown and how knowledgeable and effective the community members are! Happy to be a part of it!  Thanks again @CarolineS for driving the force behind this all and thanks @tnight for the recognition and support!

Head in the Cloud



Wow! Thanks so much for the recognition. Meraki has truly transformed our business from an IT perspective. The WiFi we had in place before I came on-board was your typical terrible hotel WiFi - slow, awful signal, bounced every few minutes. Not the type of service you want when offering $500 a night suites. With Meraki, gone are the days of "rebooting the modem" to get a few more people on. 2,000 concurrent connections? Not a problem, bring it on!


@CarolineS: Thanks for making such a great community and inviting us to be a part of it. Really a lot of fun here helping other users and seeing how other businesses have deployed Meraki solutions across the world!