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A chubby, bearded stowaway

Community Manager

As I mentioned yesterday, our Switch gnome seems pretty happy to be reunited with his buddies MX gnome and MR gnome - he stayed put for the rest of the day after they all got together.


But... last night at the Meraki SF holiday party, when I opened my bag to grab my phone, who should I see?




Apparently, even a contented gnome doesn't want to miss a great party.


(In case you were wondering, my beaded purse looks small but has a deceptively large capacity. Just like Mary Poppins!)


(Yes, the gnome is standing in front of Waffle Quesadillas).




Happy Holidays!


UPDATE 18 Dec: Scroll down for some official party photos




Kind of a big deal

I have found a nice new home for the Gnome, not as glamorous mind you.


IMG_20171218_110530.jpgGnome on a switchIMG_20171218_110522.jpg

Community Manager

@PhilipDAth that plant will be very safe!

Head in the Cloud

Those Gnomes are Baller; I want one 🙂

Community Manager

@WANKiller - noted :). It does seem that the community is a friendly place for gnomes to hang out; perhaps one of them will get the urge to return one of these days.

Community Manager

The holiday party photographer took some stellar photos featuring our bearded friend! The theme of the party was "Cirque du Soleil," and, yes, the oysters were plentiful Woman Very Happy







Photo credit: Alison Yin Photography