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Announcing Lift-Off Badges!

Community Manager

We are over the moon about our latest badge! The Lift-Off badge recognizes members who have taken their first significant steps within the community.



Lift-Off Badge


How do I get one of these?

Earning your fly new badge is a cinch:


  1. Write your first post (why not start by introducing yourself?)
  2. Give one kudo to a post that you appreciate
  3. Make it a habit — sign in to the Community at least twice


What if I’ve already done all that?

Any member who has already completed these three tasks will automatically be awarded this badge. If you don’t receive anything and feel this was in error, please email us at


What other badges are there?

Take a look at the master list of community badges.

Kind of a big deal

Can I just get all the badges please? It would help me sleep better at night.



Here to help

Is that Applebee's?

Getting noticed


Comes here often

Nice to get recognized

Building a reputation

Badge Cred

  1. Write your first post (why not start by introducing yourself?) - My name is Ashwani Bansal. I am working as consultant in Orange Business Services India Technology Pvt. Ltd. I am a CMNO & CMNA certified. I have a very good experience in Meraki, it looks intresting to me so I have been Cisco Blackbelt Level 1 & Level 2 certified in Meraki. I my free time I love to spend my time with my Family and learning new technologies.
  2. Give one kudo to a post that you appreciate 
  3. Make it a habit — sign in to the Community at least twice
Kind of a big deal

Yay new badge!


Over the moon huh. I see what you did there Smiley LOL

Head in the Cloud

Oh I like a nice shiny badge. 


Plenty of space for a few more - achieve one get one free?


If you need someone to try them out, send them this way!

New here

Kudo's to my account team.  Especially, my CSE!!!!

Comes here often

I like a nice shiny badge. 

Comes here often
I prefer Flingers... ;8^)
Getting noticed

I need to get em all!!! 


Its gonna help me sleep better that way.. hahaha

Comes here often

gotta catch them all!



Comes here often

have a nice day ~~

Comes here often

Hi Guys,


SAN Here. Pleasure to be part of this active & helpful community and hope we are holding each other hands and having fast safe fly to moon.


See you all there: smileyhappy:



New here

Hi there!

Everyone likes badges 🙂 

A model citizen

I got a Lift Off Badge!  Can I peel it off and stick it on to my MX65?




Just browsing

I like badges!!!!

Community Manager
@DHAnderson wrote:
I got a Lift Off Badge! Can I peel it off and stick it on to my MX65?

LOVE the idea of sticker badges! Maybe we can make it happen!


Hi... Even I want all the badges so that I will show them to my fellow colleagues who used to make me feel I am not worth enough. But ohh Hello I am the only one who cleared the Meraki exam. 


So I don't care but I want all badges :smileytongue:  


I would like to thank Meraki for such a great enthusiasm you fill inside us with all these communities and events announcements...