Introducing the Meraki Go Router Firewall Plus

Meraki Go Team

Did someone say VPN? We’re excited to announce the addition of the new Router Firewall Plus to the Meraki Go family, now available globally! 


We heard your requests for VPN and more security - the new router and firewall combo lets you securely and remotely connect to your company network from anywhere, while achieving high network performance with 500+ Mbps firewall throughput. 


Check out the new Router Firewall Plus


























What’s New: 

  • Client VPN: provide enhanced security for remote and hybrid employees with client VPN. Teams can remotely access company resources (files, applications, documents) from their devices, and get work done from anywhere. 
  • Fast network performance: support fast internet speeds with over 500 Mbps of firewall throughput available. 
  • Insights and control: get the same easy controls and insights with the new router firewall combo. From blocking websites to checking your internet usage in real-time - manage everything from the mobile app or web portal.

Feature Highlights: 

Access all the same easy-to-use powerful features from the mobile app and web portal. 


  • Block websites per user or network for optimal team productivity and compliance.
  • Real-time insights: see second-by-second updates on your network usage and take any necessary actions to increase productivity at your business. 
  • Boost productivity: make adjustments on the fly to improve bandwidth, such as putting Usage Limits.
  • Create secure networks: configure VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) to protect sensitive company data by separating your network traffic into individual virtual subnetworks. E.g. create a separate network for your teams, for guests, and for POS devices to increase PCI compliance. 


Get the new Router Firewall Plus today.


P.S. we'd love to know your thoughts! Any new features you’d like to see? Comment below or send us a feature request

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Specs look good! 


Two Questions:

  • Is there support for multi-WAN?
  • Can the USB used for cellular failover?
A model citizen

No there isn't support for multi-WAN. That feature is reserved for the Meraki proper line. As for USB the documentation states it's for charging only. If I had to guess this device feels like the MX67's little brother. My only follow up question is the device is rated for 50 devices or less, but can it be configured to handle more than 50 clients?

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That's unfortunate.  I think, at the very least, a cellular failover is a must have for a small business. 

Meraki Go Team

Hello @Al_S@TyShawn is correct that there is no cellular failover. We'd point you towards our Enterprise products for high availability features like cellular failover or warm spare.


Also, we have in no way hard-coded the client cap anywhere. We recommend no more than 50 devices route traffic through the GX50, but really it comes down to what are your client devices and what do they do. The particular cocktail of traffic that equipment send on anyone's specific network will, ultimately, result in different levels of performance. You may get away with having over 50 devices downstream of the GX50 but we wouldn't recommend it.

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Hello does the new GX50 support QoS. Also as an MSP we would be looking at these for some of our smaller clients. Is there an easy way to add new sites and adopt new devices for multi site management?

Meraki Go Team


The GX50 does not currently support QoS, but it is in high demand. Having QoS configuration for the GX line is something we can certainly put on the roadmap given the need we're seeing for it, but I don't have an ETA for you today. Would you be okay with settings like trusting the existing QoS values, or simple buckets for QoS to be applied to specific networks?


Easy site creation, which avoids the email "ping-pong", is currently in beta. Shoot us an email at if you want us to give you access to it, but there may be some finishing touches we need to put on the feature before it is GA. Internal testing has been positive so far.


Edit: To clear up some confusion on GX and QoS capabilities - they do use QoS but the default settings are not something that can be changed. The default settings have been added to our documentation here:


New here

IPv6 support was recently announced for MX routers.  Does the GX50 support IPv6?

Meraki Go Team



The GX does not currently support IPv6 configuration. The underlying firmware requirements are present, and adding IPv6 support to all Meraki Go products is on our roadmap but currently without any fixed timeline.

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How are existing security licenses handled when swapping out GX hardware? Is it tied to the tenant or the hardware itself? 


If it's tied to the hardware what is the best way got me to get it moved to the GX50? 

Meraki Go Team

Great question @Franco244 


There are Meraki Go Locations (that name may change), and Meraki Go users.

Your security license is tied to a Meraki Go Location, and you can swap out the GX20 with a GX50 without any need to update or modify that license.


Meraki Go users can be associated with numerous Meraki Go locations. I just wanted to highlight that the license does not attach to the user, but rather where you setup the hardware.

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I received my gx50 about two weeks ago.   Some testing in case others are interested.


isp is 1gb link and confirmed by me to be 1 gb.


speed test to internet from gx50 lan port was mid to high 700mbps.  I was totally surprised .


speed test from lan port on Meraki go switch which is connected in line to gx50 lan port.  Same mid to high 700mbps.  Again surprised.


speed test from i7 laptop that has 802.11 AC wireless thru the Meraki go APs which are connected to Meraki go switch which is on gx50 lan port.  Although my laptop connection showed 800/800 on the wireless card, my internet speed was 350mbps.  I was not surprised .  I recall somewhere I read that thru put on a meshed network has a performance cost penalty and I guess this is it.


i have a 2  APs in parallel with both terminating on the Meraki go switch.  

My AP’s are not serial relays .


i did have to turn on in the radio settings to steer the end point connection to 5ghz.



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Appreciate if anyone who owns this Cisco Meraki-Go Firewall Plus GX-50 to share information about the range of voltage supported by its power adapter.  I intend to buy one for use in Australia and is unsure whether the power adapter will support 240V.


Thanks in advance for all the help.

Meraki Go Team

Hey @Mak 


Here is a photograph of my GX50 power adapter brick. Looks like it can take up to 240v - is this what you needed to see?


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Hi, yes it is what I was after. Thanks very much for the help.