Product enhancement request - AP's: Optional status light on primary face

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Product enhancement request - AP's: Optional status light on primary face

First post in Meraki community from 16 year Cisco partner.  Maybe there is a place for suggesting/voting on project enhancements?  Correct me if I am posting incorrectly.


We would love ability to see an optional blinking indicator light on front of all AP's. While I greatly appreciate the standard indicator light being on the side of AP's (great for installation covert and generally more pleasing blending into an installation environment), a second always-off light that only flashes when requested to do so from the dashboard on top of the AP (i.e., face where Cisco logo is located) would improve our tech's field troubleshooting 100%. This would save us many hours of physically removing AP's looking for a light when unable to view due to AP close proximity to physical surroundings, climbing ladders, renting cherry pickers (we have many warehouse customers), asking customers over phone ("can you see a light?"), verifying 3rd party installers actually placed AP's where required by project details, etc.



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Hi @EBlu,


Welcome to the Meraki Community, and thanks for posting! In reference to whether or not there is a place for suggesting / voting on product enhancements: Meraki's "Make a Wish" feature (within Dashboard) and your Meraki rep are the places to officially suggest enhancements. That being said, requests made here that get a lot of kudos and discussion by community members will be brought to the product team's attention as well. Here's a post that explains in more detail how we handle product feature requests in the Meraki Community. 



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Thanks.  We have provided feedback in make-a-wish section.

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I thought there was a Tag you could add to the AP that would make it cycle all the LED colors, i.e. rainbow mode.

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You can blink the LED via the Tools tab in Dashboard or in the app.  That has come in handy for me when installing a new network and walking around to the WAPs so I can name them based on my floor plan.

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My issue is that the current LED is on the SIDE, not the front.  A secondary LED on the front would solve the front-view issue instead of having to look from the side which in many circumstances is difficult or impossible depending installation orientation.

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