Meraki MR Wireless APs Going Offline Randomly

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Meraki MR Wireless APs Going Offline Randomly



We have an environment with quite of number of MR44 and MR46 access points.

Recently, the access points have been randomly going offline. Sometimes they come back up, but the ones that don't, we have to reset the power to the PoE port on the switch to get them to come back online.


It's not always the same APs, they are randomly going down.

The APs are all on the same management VLAN, and can confirm that the VLAN can reach the internet.


This is has never happened before now.

None of the other Meraki equipment on the network (Firewall, Switches, Cameras) are losing connectivity.


The MRs are running 27.7.1 firmware.

The majority of the APs and Switches have not been rebooted in the past 10 months.


What might be going on here?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

27.7.1 is over a year old.

I know there where some problemen with management tunnel in early 28.x but stable is 28.7.1 now, so maybe you could try upgrading to latest 28.x

Kind of a big deal

With the MR44 and MR46 model, you should really be running 28.X at minimum as there are many improvements and bug fixes for Wi-Fi 6 models. I would wager that the devices are still functional, and are only losing cloud connectivity which was an issue I was dealing with myself, and it was a known problem (bug) that Meraki support had a RCA case opened for that they attached my cases to.


Your specific issue with the devices rebooting or showing cloud connectivity was fixed in 28.7+.


  • AP may lose Cloud connectivity for an interval of time (Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E APs)
Nolan Herring |
Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

I would suggest that you start by upgrading your firmware version, as 27.7.1 is now quite old.


Ideally, you should be running the latest stable 28.7.1 which improves the connectivity with the Meraki Cloud, if the problems persist, then a more in-depth investigation will be necessary, however, this firmware upgrade should be your first step.

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