Meraki outdoor APs extended warranty?

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Meraki outdoor APs extended warranty?

The outdoor Meraki APs have only a 1 year warranty, unlike the indoor APs that have a lifetime warranty.

Is there a SKU that we can order to extended the warranty? In CCW, there's this SKU: CON-3ROB-MR84-HW listed as 3Y RMA ONLY 8X5XNBD Meraki MR84 Cloud Managed AP (there are similiar SKUs for other Meraki products)

Can anyone confirm that this will work as it sounds and extend the warranty for the MR84 outdoor AP for an additional 3 years? We've asked our Meraki AM but they were unfamiliar with the SKU and the support documentation doesn't mention these.

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Yes, you can purchase the Cisco contract to extend the warranty of the outdoor Meraki AP and this is called Meraki Now. You can actually contact your Meraki AM and check for Meraki Now. Thanks!

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Meraki Now talks about the service level (24x7x2, 24x7x4 or 8x5xNBD) of the equipment replacement, but doesn't really spell out that it supplements the warranty length for the product.

Is it really like the same SMARTnet level with regards to providing both an guaranteed service level *and* extending the warranty of a product?

Yes, the Meraki maintenance is similar to SMARTnet, except that it only covers hardware - you still need your MR License to get software/TAC support from Meraki.


How about the statement that the MR license provide Hardware warranty?


Alex Mora M.

You need the MR license in order to qualify for the warranty coverage; however, the warranty coverage period depends on the device and model as per the warranty page.

We're so used to firewalls, switches and indoor APs having lifetime warranty coverage that it was a rude awakening to find out that the outdoor APs, indoor & outdoor MV cameras and the IoT devices all have fixed warranty coverage terms, even if they're properly licensed.

Here's the page that details the warranty terms:

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