Saturated with Interference - Need Suggestions

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Saturated with Interference - Need Suggestions

What other methods of interference mitigation can I use, this seems impossible. 




Kind of a big deal

Are they real SSIDs?  Or some someone doing an attack generating lots of random SSIDs?


Either way - there is nothing you can do.  I guess you could put in a lore more APs ...

Kind of a big deal

That seems impossible, even if you are in central NYC or LA.  I think @PhilipDAth may be correct in the assessment of an attack or other method.  But truly there isn't much you can do.  Are your users reporting connectivity issues?


One of my sites that is near an interstate gets a lot of SSID's as people are driving by with their phone hotspots on.  


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Yes real SSIDs, and if you're in the service drive, connectivity isn't reliable. 


The service drive is nearest several large apartment complexes, my main source of interference. Seems kind of like WiFi wars.  I'm always changing channels and trying to do the best I can. We have an overflow lot that I 'm probably going to have to get another stadium antenna to reach because we are growing and the techs are using their laptops in the vehicles to get the vehicles running and it's maybe 50 feet away from one of the complexes.




Inside the drive, I have techs that download files from Ford as a part of the process in the program to program vehicle electronic control modules and if there's an issue with the download it will blow the module and we have to tow the vehicle out of the drive because the car is dead. I've since run another switch and ethernet to almost every stall [20? 2000 feet of cable] and now when they are programming, they use a 20 ft cable and hook up because of the wireless issues. We are hiring more techs that I wasn't anticipating at the time and the runs are a major pain so I was hoping there would be an answer out there, other than using kali to add to the deauths that are already being sent, which in itself, seems slightly humorous but mostly ridiculous. It would be nice if we could all agree on channels and come to some sort of understanding but I'm not going to go knocking any doors....Imagine saying, "Hello, are you the owner of ""PrettyFlyForAWiFi" ?" thanks.


A lot of the others that are unrelated to this are vehicles, most have the capability to produce their own SSID at this point, at least that's what I'm seeing.


I'm surprised there aren't city ordinances or something like that to govern this kind of thing.


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I'm going to guess that you are forced to used 2.4 by some legacy equipment, if not I would suggest only broadcasting on 5 as that should be cleaner. Based on all of the issues you are seeing I would try to migrate away from 2.4 if possible.  

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Kind of a big deal

I have about 100 MR's in a building in San Francisco and it shows around 5000-6000 other SSID's per week.  Most appear to be hotspots and mobile phones, but some are other tenants.  There really is not much you can do except place more AP's closer to users.  Unless you can work with other nearby tenants to adjust their power and channel settings and play nice, what choice do you have?  



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