Pre-shared Key Authentication not working

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Pre-shared Key Authentication not working

Hi All,


I'm using Pre-shared Key as an Authentication method for SSID's configured on Meraki dashboard for MEraki AP's


However when users are connecting to the Wireless they are not getting any popup to put Key and getting connected to the SSID without putting the Authentication Key. The IP address they are getting correctly from the same VLAN to which SSID have been map.


Can someone please help



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Naresh_Bhardwaj  Can you please post a screenshot of your SSID's settings.Have you set a WPA encryption mode as shown below?


Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 7.56.53 AM.png

Hi BlakeRichardson



Please find the below 



@Naresh_Bhardwaj  has this SSID ever existed on another device before you set this up with Meraki, could the devices be remembering an existing network?





We are using the new SSID's

Kind of a big deal

Hi @Naresh_Bhardwaj , what firmware are the APs on? We’ve seen similar behaviour in the past which was resolved by a firmware upgrade.

Darren OConnor |

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