Non Meraki AP as Bridge to a Meraki AP

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Non Meraki AP as Bridge to a Meraki AP

Hi all,


We have a lot of older Cisco 2602 AP and we need to connect some Coffe Machine to the Network. (this is not a Joke) if we now configure the correct SSID on the Cisco AP (even with open security) the Cisco AP is not Connecting to the Meraki AP. 


Bildschirmfoto 2019-11-14 um 08.15.48.png

dies anybody done this type of configuration yet? 

Thanks for any Help

Kind of a big deal

Welcome to 2020 I suppose is in order lol

If your willing to post the config of your 2602, which I'm assuming you have configured in autonomous mode as a work-group bridge based on the lovely image you have above, I can take a peek (no promises since it's been a while).
Nolan Herring |

Were you able to get this to work ?  I have the same need, and am able to get the WGB to associate fine.  And it can ping the ethernet device fine (same subnet as the WGB & SSID/VLAN).  But no traffic for it is being passed across the association.

I have the same issue. Autonomous Cisco 3702's connected to a burn table will not connect to our Meraki MR46E AP's. I can see them connect but will not get an IP address. I called Meraki support who said they was not compatible but could not give me an article stating that.  If they are not compatible, can you suggest a devise to use that would be compatible to connect our devices that have an ethernet port but are not wireless to our Meraki WIFI?

Kind of a big deal

At least you won't have to worry about HTTP 418... I would listen to Phillip. He knows a great deal about Cisco kit.



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