Manual channel setting on AP

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Manual channel setting on AP

Hi all,

I am a bit confused about the channel setting on my ap's.

First of all I configured the ap's under wireless => radio settings to a static channel for 2.4Ghz nd 5.Ghz. I also click the box "Manually override channel assignment".
Additionally I add an RF Profile for the power levels.

So I would expect that the manual channel settings would apply.

If I go now to the configuration of an AP. I see under radio settings (left side) the manually defined channels.
Just a bit on the right side of the channel settings I see the channel utilization which shows completely different channels for 2.4Ghz and also 5Ghz.

So what is now really correct?

As mentioned I would expect the manual override would lead to the static settings. But I am now bit confused if the RF Profile still overrides it because of what is showed under channel utilization. See also the added picture

Channel settings.PNG

My intention is to have manual settings for the channel and use the RF Profile to set the power levels.

One more question...I do not find a the place where I can unbind an RF Profile from an AP. How can I remove it from an AP?

I do not find anything in the RF Profile documentation about it.



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Why do you want to set the channels manually?

 It's recommend perform a site survey to analyze you network.


You can not remove the RF profile, but you can create a custom RF profile.


I assume his desire to set the channels is the result of either a WLAN-design/site-survey or a dedicated optimization.

For the RF-profile: The AP needs a profile, that’s the reason you can’t remove it. But you can apply the default profile to set it back to default.

Thanks for the answer. 

Well as @KarstenI mentioned this is exactly the result of a site survey and opimization.


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

We have similar settings, but all channels match, so not sure what is going on at your site...

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So for me there is still the question what takes precedence RF Profile or Manual Settings.

From the comment of @cmr I would take out that manual settings will be in precedence and that it works for you, correct?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yes, we have a custom profile with auto channels and overrides on some APs to set manual channels.  They obey those and the signal quality matches the manual channel in those cases.


We are running many models from MR32s to CW9166 on 29.5 or 29.5.1, or the associated downgrade for the older models.



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Just tested on my CW9166:

  1. Configured a new Profile with only UNII1 selected for AutoRF.
  2. Applied the profile, updated and waited.
  3. After some time both the radio settings and the utilisation showed CH48 which was also the channel WiFi Explorer shows.
  4. Set the channel manually to 140 on the AP.
  5. Wifi Explorer shows the change, Channel utilisation shows the new channel, Radio settings still show 48, but changed to 140 after a minute or so.

This is pretty much what I expected. The Firmware is 29.5.1.

A model citizen

Thanks for all you support on this and especially to @KarstenI that you did some tests on it.

This leaded me to reboot the AP's. And see there...the channel settings get as expected. I could not do this during work days.

The documentation in RF Profiles mentioned that it might take up to 60 min to reflect changes. So thought just give them some time.


Thanks to all of you! 

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