Xfinity X1 Cable Modem Issue

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Xfinity X1 Cable Modem Issue

I have been using my own cable modem but recently upgraded to 1Gb service so had to use an Xfinity X1 modem. I have a Meraki MX64 with full WLAN plus I also have an Aruba WLAN in my lab setup. When setting everything up I saw that when connected to the Xfinity wireless SSID I was getting 3-times the speed over my Meraki SSIDs or the Aruba SSIDs. Originally, I planned to disable the Xfinity wireless until I saw the numbers. 


The Xfinity is using 10.0.0.x addresses and my network is setup on192.168.128.x. When connected to the Xfinity SSID I cannot reach my printers, Bose and Sonos speakers. All other SSIDs work fine. I thought it would be simple solution by adding a static route of to (MX) but that didn't work. When on any Meraki or Aruba SSID, I can ping both the 192.x and 10.x network devices. When on the Xfinity SSID I can only ping devices on the 10.x network. My PCs are setup for DHCP but all other devices are static and I don't really want to re-IP all of them. 


I think this is just a simple networking problem but everything I have done so far hasn't worked. Here is what I have in my lab:


1-MX64, MS-220 switches, 1-Aruba 6100 switch, various MR access points, 4-Aruba controllers and various Aruba APs. Laptops are both new Lenovo T series. 


If anyone has any thoughts on this I would appreciate the help.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The MX64 can only pass 250Mbps of traffic (plus a little bursting) so you have hit that limit.  You'll need an MX75 to get 1Gbps

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