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MR42 Cover

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I'm looking for an MR42 Cover specially in black to cover some of our AP. I know there was a company called Cover&Hyde. I tried to send them 2 emails but doesn't work. Do you guys have any other recommandation?


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I haven’t tried, but have thought a shower cap could do the trick. They usually have some elastic and seem about the right size. You could stretch and secure with some safety pins for a smooth look. For the price, seems worth a try 😉

That would a good idea, but the "look" is sensitive for my place of work unfortunately. 😣


Thank you,

Kind of a big deal

We had one customer do this themselves by spray painting the AP’s. Likewise, they had certain areas where the APs needed to blend in with the ceiling aesthetics.


It invalidates all warranties but they look smart.

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I think voiding the warranty isn't our choice either, those device are expensive!

Kind of a big deal

Cover and Hyde make these. 

Their email seems to not work. Afraid they are out of business.

Kind of a big deal



The next option - vinyl wraps are very popular.  You can stick them on and they are removable.  You can get a plain colour for cheap from a stationary store, or get a signwriter to print you up something custom.

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New feature request for Meraki... like Apple and Samsung, offer the APs in 3 different colors... Arctic White, Midnight Black, or... Clear?! ;o)

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