Is Cisco 8821 the ideal VoIP phones (to replace cisco 7925 phones) to use with MR46 Merakis ?

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Is Cisco 8821 the ideal VoIP phones (to replace cisco 7925 phones) to use with MR46 Merakis ?

Currently we have cisco 7925 portable phones along with Cisco Unity Connection (UC) and Unified Commmunications Manager (UCM)  (2 VMs) to manage them, they are most likely to be End of Life. We are experiencing multiple frequent downtimes while they are connected to the concerned SSID on our Meraki MR46 Setup, which we have configured following this article:


Is the Cisco 8821 portable phone model compatible with the setup mentionned above ?

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Your only viable options are the Cisco 8821’s which are on a current lead time of 133 days or possibly a soft phone ie Jabber

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@PierreRosello : yes 8821 and 8821-EX are the replacement models !

Inderdeep Singh ( Awarded by Cisco IT Blogs award 2020)
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I would consider SIP-DECT solutions as long as you don’t mind installing some DECT radios.  In my experience, they work so much more reliably than WiFi handsets and you will have more options from Spectralink, Yealink and Konftel off the top of my head.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@PierreRosello we've used 8821s for years with Meraki wireless though we have a few MR36s, we don't have any MR46s.  In general they work well though as @BrandonS say, if you have a small site without too many phones then Dect can work better.  We couldn't use it as each antenna could only support a max of 8 phones at a time and our buildings are large.

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